Netflix app on Android updated with cellular data usage controls

Netflix Data Usage Controls

We recently talked about a new #Netflix update which would allow users to control the video quality depending on their data connection. The streaming service has now officially enabled this feature for both Android and iOS users.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the company will let you control the video quality by giving you an approximate run time right below it. This won’t accurately give you a reading of how much data is consumed, but is enough to give you a brief understanding of data usage works on the app.

While this is not the perfect data usage feature, it’s better than having nothing. There’s also the option of turning it off, which will only stream content when you’re on Wi-Fi. This could be useful if you’re alternating between Wi-Fi and cellular data and you forget to turn off data before streaming your favorite TV show. You can catch more details regarding the update from the company’s page below.

Source: Netflix