NeoGeo X Gold slated for US and UK release on December 6th, priced at $129.99/£175

Gamers from the United States already knew that NeoGeo X Gold, a portable gaming device that comes with four face and shoulder buttons, 4.3-inch display and an analog stick, will be released on December 6th for $129.99. UK and European gamers, however, learned just a couple of days ago that they will be able to receive it the same day as the US for £175 or €199; it would serve as a perfect present for the holidays.

NeoGeo X Gold is a limited edition item to commemorate its 20th anniversary since the first model was released in 1992 that targets a group of gamers that are familiar with the platform. For collectors, this piece may also become just another addition to items kept in the cabinet. About a month ago, Amazon listed it for pre-order with a price tag of $199. There is no information how many units will be sold in total but for people who may value retro gaming, it is advised they must have a unit reserved.

In light to celebrating its 20th anniversary, NeoGeo X Gold Limited Edition will be pre-loaded with 20 popular titles. The console would also come packed with complete accessories: Neogeo X Station, Neogeo X Handheld, One Neogeo X Arcade Stick, and Ninja Master’s Neogeo X game card. Here are some of the games confirmed to come with the console:

3 Count Bout
League Bowling
Art of Fighting
Magician Lord
Alpha Mission II
Metal Slug
Baseball Stars II
Mutation Nation
Cyber Lip
NAM 1975
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury Special
Real Bout – Fatal Fury Special
The King of Fighters ’95
Samurai Showdown II
King of the Monsters
Super Sidekicks
Last Resort
World Heroes Perfect


While there could only be a few thousands of gamers around the world that could appreciate its value, it is evident that retro gaming console like this offers the kind of entertainment only seasoned gamers know about. Tommo Inc has already acquired the license for NeoGeo and it is the company responsible for the release of this limited edition. Tommo CEO, Jonathan Wan, said that great consoles don’t die, they are just reborn to continue their legacy.

“Great game consoles don’t die; they’re just reborn in much more affordable and convenient packages. The NEOGEO X GOLD is a love letter to one of my favorite consoles of all time, and working with SNK PLAYMORE to acquire the NEOGEO license, Tommo Inc. looks to provide gaming and entertainment enthusiasts with a classic arcade experience both at home and on the go,” said Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan.

[sources: The Verge | Pocket-lint]

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