NASA And Motorola Poke Fun At iOS 6, Learn How To Get Google Maps Back On Your iOS Device

With the release of the iPhone, we should all know by now of Apple’s new replacement of Google Maps in iOS6. In fact, with the recent coverage it’s been getting, everyone in the world should know about this new replacement. Apple has proudly introduced “Apple Maps” during their iOS 6 keynote, which will be the full replacement for Google Maps. As we all know, this is just another step to eliminate Google from their iOS devices. As implied earlier, there has been a lot of coverage surrounding Apple Maps, and the apparent lack of information within the maps application. With how much they were boasting about this new application, it did give me quite a laugh. That said, a lot of people have been poking fun at it due to how terrible the app is. And now, Google’s newly acquired Motorola is joining in on the fun!

Looking for 315 E 15th in Manhattan? Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.

The tweet was seen both on their Motorola Mobility Google+ page, and also on on their Twitter page. The message is pretty clear though. It’s on obvious advertisement for their new RAZR M device with its edge to edge screen. I’m personally waitng to see #iLost a trending topic on both Twitter and Google+, surely it won’t be that long?

This isn’t the only company making fun off iOS 6 though. NASA’s own Curiosity Rover claimed that he was updated to iOS 6 and was now in Norway! What a terrible coincidence. Here’s the Curiosity Rover’s entire tweet:


Poking fun aside, if you’re wanting Google Maps back instead of this crummy “improvement” that was in iOS 6, it’s fairly easy to get back. Just head on over to the Google Maps website, allow it to track your location, and after that just make an internet shortcut on your iOS device. While it’s not an entire supplement of the native application, it should do you some good for now, and it definitely will not be telling you to turn left into oncoming traffic. No, Google would rather keep you alive than plan out your death like Apple has with this new application.

It’s pretty sad that all of the major companies are making fun of Apple. It just proves how terrible of a job Apple has done with the new rendition of iOS 6. Aren’t you happy to own an Android device? Especially after the iPhone 5 launch?

source: android central


7 Replies to “NASA And Motorola Poke Fun At iOS 6, Learn How To Get Google Maps Back On Your iOS Device”

  1. Um, no. It’s a FACT the maps are way off, putting towns and cities in the wrong place, why would we be jealous of that? lol.

  2. Think for yourselves for a second and consider the fact that you somehow just decided that what you like is better because you something else is different to what it used to be. When you’re 78 and looking back on your life will you be proud that you spent all this time focusing on the features of the product that you don’t even want to own?

  3. What uhbarp said. We’ve had Turn by Turn since 2009 and it just keeps getting better. Fortunately, our Turn by Turn directions are accurate. 😀

  4. Why should fan droids be jealous android users have been using turn by turn directions since 2009. And you can’t say that iOS maps are better than gmaps database.

  5. I’m sure most of the people making fun are just fandroid trolls. I have been using ios6 beta and ios6gm since the beta was released and i love the turn by turn. It is impossible to get lost. Make fun all you want. Jealous?

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