Mysterious Samsung Device with 3GB RAM

Once upon a time, there was a man called Bill Gates.  And at one time he said that ‘RAM of 640K ought to be sufficient on any mobile device’.  But that was a long, long time ago because even smartphones today come with more than double or triple the 640k which was once thought to be a lot.  In two or three years, smartphones with less than 2GB RAM may be considered ‘low end’ and even interactive wristwatches may come with more than this.

Fast forward to now, and you hear of new smartphones that come with so much power they rival desktops computers and laptops.  There are no high end android smartphones at the moment with more than 3GB RAM and it appears Samsung is prepping to venture into that territory – if the rumors we hear are anything to go by.  In a leaked picture, which to me does not appear anything like a futuristic Samsung smartphone, the company is drifting towards a buttonless phone design trend and may focus on performance rather than aesthetics in the next high end smartphone after the Galaxy S3.

Nothing else is known about this mysterious lab-quality device except that it is still under development and may be destined for 2013 launch.  Could this be a blueprint for the Galaxy S4?

For now, these are just rumors and we will have to wait to find out more information with time.  The applications that we run now seem ok with 1GB RAM, 2GB RAM devices are developing a trend but that is the reserve for high end devices.  All Samsung’s high end gadgets at the moment have 2GB of RAM, I hope this changes next year as the company is also working on 128GB onboard memory.

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  1. Double 640K is only 1.28MB. The latest smartphones today with 2GB memory have around 3200 times more memory than 640K.

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