MWC: Samsung Re-Ups And Re-Introduces The Samsung Galaxy Beam

In June of 2010 Samsung introduced the original Galaxy Beam. It was a variant of the original Samsung Galaxy S line of Android smartphones. The original beam had 16gb of memory and came with Android 2.1. It also featured a built in WVGA projector.

The new version of the Galaxy Beam was announced today in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress, the new version of the Samsung Galaxy Beam features a 1 ghz dual core processor, Android 2.3 and a 2000mah battery.

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The beauty of this device though is in the 15 lumens projector that’s built in to the phone. Now you can do presentations on the go, play video games on a wall and show movies anywhere you want. The 15 lumens projector that is capable of displaying an HD image up to 50 inches wide.

“GALAXY Beam provides mobile freedom, enabling a unique shared experience around digital content for everyone—anywhere and instantly—from a smartphone as slim and portable as any on the market,” said JK Shin, President of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics.

“GALAXY Beam is a device borne out of Samsung’s insight and innovation, demonstrating Samsung’s commitment to providing extraordinary experiences for consumers with products that let them express and fulfill themselves.”

There’s no word on pricing or availability however when the first Galaxy Beam was released, Kim Titus, former Public Relations Director for Samsung Mobile had told thedroidguy that it would be hard to subsidize the projector phone for under $299.

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