[MWC 2013] Nvidia Shows Off 5 New Tegra 4 Optimized Games

When Nvidia and ZTE announced the entry of Tegra 4 based smartphones last week a lot of people were interested on how it would enhance the way games are played. Today at the MWC, Nvidia showed not just one but five game titles that will show what the next generation of mobile games will look like.

nvidia tegra 4

The five upcoming titles are Burn Zombie Burn, Carie: Blood Mansion, CODEX: The Warrior, Dead on Arrival 2 and RU Golf. Based on the presentation we could see that the overall appearance is nearing present day console quality. Each of the game titles takes advantages of the features of the new features present in the Tegra 4.

Burn Zombie Burn


This title finally arrives in the mobile platform where you get to blast out at an endless horde of zombies. Aiding you in this task is an array of weapons which you can blast at zombies. This is a fast paced action game so better be quick on your fingers. This title brings full PS3 graphics quality on Tegra 4 devices.

Carie: Blood Mansion


The Tegra 4 version of this title gets an additional map for you to explore as well as an improved high definition graphics. You get to guide Carie in bloody battles in this game.

CODEX: The Warrior


This 3D action RPG is all about fighting and action. Some of the key benefits that this title has on the Tegra 4 platform is that it has higher resolution, real time dynamic shadows & lighting including HDR, additional physics and finally more enemies.

Dead On Arrival 2


This game is all about surviving the zombie apocalypse. The Tegra 4 version of the game brings this title to mobile devices for the very first time. Some of the features include higher resolution models, use of PhysX for map destruction and explosion, and Mega Gore particle effects.

Ru Golf


This title which appeared on Tegra 3 devices last year will also be making an appearance soon on Tegra 4 devices. You can on an online multiplayer battle with other people and experience excellent graphics such as dynamic specular lighting, soft shadows, and bloom and lens flare effects.

via androidcentral