Must have Accessory: Breffo SpiderpodiumTablet

Not many words can explain how I feel about the Breffo SpiderpodiumTablet. Pretty much because only words you need to hear are Must Have for Tablet Users. That’s really all you should know already from this review is after reading this to go head over to their site and buy one, or multiple if you have phone(s) and tablet(s). While they show on there website the iPad don’t let that fool you, you can twist pull and tug the 8 arms into any form you want to fit any tablet and phone. While to this day after having it for a week I still can’t get it to look like it does on the box or web, How I was able to form it works perfectly for the Motorola Xoom. Side by side with the phone one they look like something out of the movie District 9.

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The best part of the SpiderpodiumTablet is that the legs can be moved multiple times and never lose their strength. While I’ve only used this on a desk/bed to hold my Xoom it does in fact like the phone version work in the car. I did have issues trying to hook this up to a stroller, which could have been either fault as to it not working. The SpiderpdiumTablet comes in two colors: Graphite and Black. I was sent the Graphite one which doesn’t look to bad. It ships in the USA and Canada for $34.99 USD plus shipping, and for International and Euro for $29.99 Euro’s. The only question now is why have you not opened up another tab and have gone to their site yet to order one?

Go buy here NOW: Breffo