Mozilla to Offer Faster Version of Firefox for Android


After much criticism from users unhappy with the poor performance, improper rendering of web pages and mediocre management of processing resources, Mozilla took drastic measures and decided to completely rebuild the edition for Android devices of its web browser, Firefox.

Application start-up time has been reduced, pages are now loading faster and the use of zoom and pan functions are giving much better results in terms of response times and text clarity.

Firefox interface has been optimized for greater efficiency and now it includes a personalized homepage, which shortens the steps required for visiting a website. Support for tabs is better optimized, as well as the system for Add-on components, useful for a full web browsing experience.

If until now, the lack of support for Adobe Flash technologies was a constant source of complaints for Firefox users, here’s that the new version of Firefox for Android devices completely fixes this problem, allowing smooth rendering of videos and even Flash games. The support for HTML5 technologies, used for delivering media content on certain websites, is also not missing from the improvements brought by Mozilla.

In terms of security optimization, worth mentioning the Do Not Track function, which blocks monitoring features of the website visited, the Master Password system for securing passwords collection with single access password, respectively the HTTP Strict Transport Security support, which forces the use of secured connections when communicating with the websites visited.

The new version of Mozilla Firefox 14.0 for Android devices can be downloaded and used free of charge by visiting Google’s applications store, Google Play Store.