Mozilla Gets A Stay: Google & Mozilla Extend Deal For Three More Years

At the beginning of the month things did not look good for Mozilla and their flagship Firefox browser. Mozilla was coming off a three year contract with Google for search results that has accounted for more than 80% of Mozilla’s revenue since 2008.

With Google full steam ahead on Google+, Chrome, and the Chrome OS, it was widely rumored that they were not renewing their contract with Mozilla. Mozilla would either have to find a new source of revenue (to the beat of hundreds of millions of dollars) or be forced to close it’s doors.

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Mozilla announced that their agreement has been renewed for another three year period. The terms of the agreement were not disclosed but as TechCrunch suggests, we’ll know the next time they release a financial statement.

Google’s Chrome browser continues to climb up the ladder at the expense of both Internet Explorer and Firefox. This should be an indication that the renewed deal isn’t going to be worth nearly as much as the previous three years.

Earlier this year Mozilla committed to a much more aggressive development schedule on all fronts including pc based and mobile versions of Firefox. They are struggling to keep the pace with other alternative browsers out there, especially on the Android platform.

source: TechCrunch


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  1. I hope Firefox never goes. I’ve used Firefox consistently for the past nine years and have loved it, except for the odd problem now and then. The ad and popup blocking are second to none and it’s endlessly customizable with the extensions. Until Chrome matures to this place, I wouldn’t consider it as a primary browser.

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