Move Over Beats By Dre, Ludacris Is In The House To Roll Them Bones With His Own Headphones

Hip Hop Icon Ludacris has been busy at work with the people from Soul Electronics to develop his own line of headphones called “Soul By Ludacris”.  Just like Beats by Dre, “Soul by Ludacris” headphones come in a variety of sizes, spec configurations and in ear and over ear designs.

On the low end a pair of Soul By Ludacris in-ear headphones will cost you $69.99. This is a precision in-ear headphone model complete with a microphone and 3 button remote.  They are configured to work with your playback functions on both iOS and Android devices. For $69.99 you’re supposed to get great frequency response and a good listening feel as well.

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On the other end of the Soul by Ludacris spectrum you have the $299.99 SL 300 model. These are over the ear, traditional style headphones meant for the serious audiophile, dj or just someone who enjoys $300 worth of great clarity. With the SL300 the earphone covers the entire ear. The Soul by Ludacris SL300 also has “state of the art” noise cancelling technology.  One of the features of the SL300 compared to other noise cancelling headphones in their class, is the ability to continue to playback when the noise cancelling is turned off.

“Our entire team at Soul Electronics is proud to partner with Their high standard for superior performance is what SOUL is all about. Both SOUL and are committed to exceeding expectations and offering only the best.” said Bob Bonefant, Founder of SOUL Electronics and SOUL by Ludacris headphones.

Oh and yeah right now Ludacris doesn’t have a cool partnership with an OEM… yet

Soul by Ludacris headphones are available at


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  1. Really……really…….? Wow, ” F ” for originality, at least drop the price of yours Ludacris sheesh!! Didnt even come up with a unique design, just take the “b” off of the beats headphones, and replace it with a “s” !! FAIL!! Wouldn’t be surprised if he gets called out for doing this.

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