Motorola Xoom Rebranded As “Family Edition” Available October 16th For $380

Last year at AllthingsD’s mobile even journalists, geeks and analysts were drooling over the mysterious tablet that Andy Rubin brought on stage with him as he got drilled by Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. From that time until CES mouths remained wide open in anticipation of the revolutionary new device.

Unfortunately that excitement didnt stick around. The Xoom was quickly overshadowed by thinner, lighter, faster tablets from Asus, Acer and Samsung.  That doesn’t mean that the Xoom wasn’t a great device because it is.

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Now though Motorola is trying a different approach. They’ve repackaged the tablet and added a family/children’s software suite that makes this tablet appealing to the tech friendly family. The Xoom Family edition will be in Best Buy stores October 16th. It will only cost $380

“Nowadays, everyone from mom, dad to the youngest child use the same tablet device. We set out to design a device that’s kid and family-friendly yet versatile enough to handle your business needs,” said Jim Hamilton, corporate vice president, global retail & distribution, Motorola Mobility. “The Motorola XOOM Family Edition offers a world of games, shows and video tools and because it’s from Motorola, you know it’s durable and will last for years to come.”

“Tablets continue to generate excitement and we are thrilled to be able to offer the Motorola XOOM Family Edition to Best Buy customers,” said Scott Wallace, senior director of tablet merchandising at Best Buy. “We think these devices are great for kids and families, and offer something for everyone. At Best Buy, we’ve long stood for choice and are delighted that the new XOOM Family Edition will be part of our selection.”

The family portion of the tablet is powered by Kidzone by Zoodles. Zoodles offers interactive games and apps focused towards children as well as a security suite/mode that makes sure kids can’t access inappropriate content from the internet or erase mom  or dad’s important presentation.

source: Motorola Mobility via Phandroid