Motorola Wins Again Against Apple In German Court

Back in February Motorola was granted an injunction in the German patent court which resulted in Apple having to disable push notifications in their iOS devices in Germany along with disabling Mobileme push notifications.

As expected Apple quickly appealed the decision saying that Motorola’s patents were invalid.

Well the German court today sided with Motorola and the injunction still stands. With the appeal failed it could be several months if not longer before iOS device users in Germany get their push notifications back.

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In the meantime Apple has sent an email to German users letting them know how to retrieve their email and other information without the use of push notifications. As our friends at phonearena point out, Apple also used that email opportunity to again remind German customers that they think Motorola’s patents are invalid.

Of course it doesn’t matter what Apple thinks as long as the court feels that Motorola’s patent is valid the injunction will most likely stick.¬† Motorola has been in the cellular game a lot longer than Apple and most other OEMs. As such, they hold a lot of patents that pertain to push notifications that have been expanded from patents the company holds for paging which was big business for Motorola in the eighties and nineties.¬† Of course HIPPA regulations still mean that Motorola has a decent sized paging business in the United States.

When the Google/Motorola merger finally happens it will be Google suing Apple and others for violating these very important patents.

source: Phonearena