Motorola teases arrival of Wooden Moto X on its Google+ page

Wooden Moto XThe Moto X with a wooden back panel was announced by Motorola along with other variants but not launched on time due to supply issues. But it seems like the long wait is almost over as Motorola has teased the arrival of this particular variant in a new teaser image posted on Google+.

Unfortunately, there’s no information on when the smartphone will be unveiled as it’s only a teaser but we’re guessing the day is not far away now. We feel Motorola has missed a trick by delaying the launch of the wooden variant of the handset as most users have either bought the Moto X already or are contemplating the purchase of other handsets with so many discounts being offered this holiday season.

A holiday time launch seems ideal, but then it’s quite hard to predict when Motorola will launch the smartphone given that it has only teased it so far. It was rumored earlier that the wooden Moto X might cost an extra $50 from the standard Moto X, which sounds like a fair bargain.

Source: Motorola – Google+

Via: Phone Dog