Motorola RAZR V, Atrix HD LTE Announced In Canada; AT&T Atrix HD Slated for July 15th Release

Motorola Mobility Canada announced today, July 10th, its newest entries into the cutthroat Canadian Android market—the RAZR V and Atrix HD LTE. In an official press release, Google’s newly acquired company boasts of Razr V being one of its most innovative devices to be released this year together with Atrix HD LTE (also known as Dinara or Atrix 3). Both devices were confirmed to be released in Canada in the following weeks/months in a bid to regain popularity that slowly diminished due to the release of new high-end, more popular devices in the past couple of months.

In a separate media release, Motorola also announced Atrix HD that will go straight to AT&T in the United States. This is evident that the phone maker wants to make an impression in the bigger markets and that explains why these handsets come with impressive specs, unique features, and sleek designs.

Key Hardware 

These devices will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 dual-core processors paired with 1GB RAMs to ensure owners would get the performance they need. While many would actually want to see quad-core CPUs in these handsets, Motorola doesn’t want to jump into the Tegra 3 or Exynos 4 Quad bandwagon just to prove a point. Instead, it seeks to provide people with devices they can use practically.

Notable Features 

Among the features that the company wants to receive recognition are the following;

SmartActions. It literally makes Motorola smartphones smarter as they will execute commands relative to the owner’s activities. The best examples cited in the press releases are the capability of each device to turn the ringer off during meetings, play preferred tracks during workouts, and reply to text messages and calls automatically when the owner is not available.

ColourBoost (for Atrix HD variants only). Motorola boasts that its devices especially the Atrix HD variants sport the highest resolution smartphone display (actually, one of our readers pointed out that HTC Rezound is the smartphone with the highest resolution in the market with 720p, 342ppi density) available in the market today. Thus, it is given both the Atrix HD and HD LTE variants will have richer, deeper and more defined displays. It also suggests that these handsets, including Razr V, are built for multimedia purposes.

DuPont Kevlar. Having to feature impressive displays, the manufacturer found it necessary to protect one of the best assets of these smartphones by giving each one DuPont Kevlar fiber display panel protection. This technology comes with scratch-proof Corning Gorilla Glass and invisible nano-coating that serve as a shield.

Availability & Distribution 

Canada’s Bell Mobility would be the one responsible in distributing Motorola Razr V within the third quarter of this year. The handset will also be made available on WIND Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Best Buy, Tbooth Wireless, Future Shop, etc. The Motorola Atrix HD LTE, however, will be exclusive for Bell Mobility customers only. The carrier also confirmed that it will start selling it in the summer. No prices were included in the press releases published today, though.

AT&T’s Motorola Atrix HD will be distributed starting July 15th for $99.99. Customers who wish to get this device from the US carrier will have to sign a two-year contract and eligible voice and data plans.

These smartphones look really promising but let’s wait and see how they perform in today’s market.

Source: Press Release

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  1. @trob6969

    Thanks for pointing that out. I should have known better than to base this report solely on the press release.

    I agree, Atrix HD has 326 ppi after 720p is stretched on a 4.5-incher panel.

    Basically, both may have the same pixel density had HTC Rezound also came with 4.5 inches display–it only has 4.3. But that officially made it the smartphone with highest resolution.

    Also, one smartphone worth-noting as far as resolution is concerned is LG Nitro HD which literally has the same PPI as with Atrix HD.

    Thanks for reading.

  2. The Atrix HD has a 720p display with a ppi of 330 so it doesn’t have the highest resolution on the market because the htc rezound’s 720p display has a 342ppi, and it came out eight months ago.

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