Motorola Ordered To Disclose Google/Motorola Plans To Apple

U.S. Circuit Court Judge Richard A Posner, ordered Motorola to turn over information on the Google/Motorola merger to Apple. Posner is presiding over a patent dispute between Apple and Motorola in which Motorola is also counter suing Apple.

“The Android/Motorola acquisition discovery is highly relevant to Apple’s claims and defenses,” Apple’s attorneys’ said in a March 2 filing requesting the judge’s order, Bloomberg reports.

Posner is overseeing back to back patent suits with separate juries. The court trials are slated to start June 11, 2012. The first trial will pertain to six Apple patents that Motorola is accused of violating. The second trial will cover 3 patents Motorola has accused Apple of violating.

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Motorola has said that Google is not a party in the lawsuit. Currently they haven’t been named by Apple in this particular suit, however it’s very likely that by the time the suit is heard in June, Motorola Mobility will be owned by Google.

Motorola’s attorneys have argued; “Google’s employees and documents are not within the ‘possession, custody, or control’ of Motorola, and Motorola cannot force Google to produce documents or witnesses over Google’s objections,”

Google’s $12.5 billion dollar buy out of Motorola Mobility has been approved by both the European Union and the U.S. Department of Justice. It’s expected to close sometime in this half of 2012.

Bloomberg has reported that Google would not comment more than what has been released in the legal transcripts.

source: Bloomberg

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