Motorola Offering $50 Google Play Store Credit With Smartphones


Are you about to purchase a new smartphone, but haven’t zeroed in on a device yet? Well, Motorola has you covered as it is now offering an attractive offer with a purchase of any of its 2012 smartphones here in the U.S. According to this new promotion, users will receive a $50 credit on the Google Play Store which they can lavishly spend on anything ranging from apps, movies, music etc. The idea basically is to attract confused customers who are at bay with which new smartphone to get. Smartphones like the AT&T Atrix HD has been voted as the smartphone with the most customer satisfaction rate, so it goes without saying that users will have it high up on their list of Moto smartphones to get, which is why it makes sense for potential buyers to give good ol’ Motorola a try. It’s not as simple as purchasing a Motorola branded smartphone and getting the $50 credit though. Users will have to fill up and send a mail-in rebate form to Motorola after receiving their device and the $50 will then be credit to their Google account. This isn’t a tough process really and buyers can easily reap the benefits of this killer new offer by Motorola.

This seems like a neat little way to get some buyers before the likes of the Sony Xperia Z and the HTC One go on sale soon. Motorola doesn’t exactly have a lot of new age devices to brag of, and this seems like the only option for the company to attract more buyers. The company is believed to be working on the X Phone with Google if a recent posting for a new job at Motorola is to be believed. It appears as if the company has shifted all its focus on the X Phone as we’re not seeing anything special come from the company since the Droid Razr HD and the Droid Razr Maxx HD. ¬†Until that all important X Phone arrives in May (rumored), we will have to manage with deals like these. In this day and age where people go crazy for a saving of $10, this sounds like an insanely good deal. And since Motorola is pretty much Google now, it can manage to give outrageous offers like these. However, not all Motorola phones come under this deal. So make sure you have a quick peek through the list before getting your favorite Moto device. However it appears as if most of the 2012 smartphones are included in the list. Just to make sure, this offer is valid only in the United States, so people in Europe, Asia and other continents, don’t get your hopes up. You can find the list of devices which offer this promotion in Motorola’s PDF link here.

Are you interested in this deal? If yes, make sure you let us know by dropping a line below. Promotions like these don’t come your way quite often, so it makes sense to grab it while you can. The offer is valid from the 18th of this month until 4th of March, so hurry up.

Source: Motorola
Via: Android Community