Motorola Looking For 2.5% Of iPhone Sales For Patent Use

While Samsung and Apple have been battling it out in a worldwide patent theater, Motorola has taken a back seat. Well Friday Motorola returned front and center as a legal briefing from Apple’s lawyers in Germany has surfaced.

The briefing details a request by Motorola Mobility to Apple for 2.5% of iPhone sales in exchange for the use of Motorola Mobility’s standard-essential patents that address fundamental 3G connectivity and transmission of data over a cellular network. When German courts ruled that Apple violated Motorola Mobility patents, Apple was forced to stop selling certain products via the German Apple online store.

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Apple is trying to force Motorola Mobility to show a patent agreement between the Libertyville IL based company and Qualcomm the maker of the SnapDragon chip set, among other things.  Apple contends that the Qualcomm and Motorola agreement is much lower than the 2.5% of iPhone sales that Motorola is requesting from Apple.

In conferring with some patent and intellectual property attorneys, it’s not uncommon practice for one company to have a licensing agreement with another for far less or more than that of another. Also these patents are the fundamental base of smartphone architecture so they should rightfully amount to more.

If the licensing fees are granted Motorola would see $15 for each 16gb iPhone, $17 from each 3gb iPhone and $21 for each 64gb iPhone.

source: Phonearena