Motorola Leaks Snippet Of Sunday’s Superbowl Ad Targeting Apple

Earlier in the week we got a teaser of Motorola’s ad that will debut this Sunday during the second quarter of the Super Bowl. Today we’ve seen 15 seconds of the ad itself. Motorola is taking a big aim right for Apple who debuted a similar ad on January 23, 1984 during Super Bowl XVIII.

In the original Apple commercial it was suggested that during the 1984 “Hate Scenes” the young woman in the red shorts represented the Apple Macintosh which was going to give people freedom that they had never seen before.  In the Motorola ad the Xoom is supposed to give that freedom.

This is Motorola’s second year in a row with a SuperBowl ad. Hopefully they will have much better results this year as an ad last year starring Meagan Fox yielded the Motorola Devour less than desirable sales.

Source: Motorola and Youtube.

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