Motorola Droid Razr Around The Corner It’s Android And Not A Clam Shell

The original Razr was one of the most popular cellular phones in Motorola’s history.   Our good friend Chris Smith over at TFTS kindly reminded us today that over 130 million Razr’s sold. Many people owned a Razr and if you didn’t you knew someone who did. I personally didn’t have a RAZR I went right from StarTac to some Samsung flip and then went on to a smartphone, I don’t remember the exact time frame but I had that gigantic Kyocera palm phone and a couple of VoiceStream Handspring Treos.

Yup I’m old school in the wireless world.

If leaked information is correct than Motorola is preparing to revive the product name Razr but this time for an Android device.


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The Razr, which is also code-named the Spyder is supposed to come out with the following specs:

960×540 qHD
superAMOLED Gorilla Glass Display
Kevlar casing with splash guard coating
1.2 ghz dual core processor
1gb of RAM
8 megapixel camera with 1080p video
HD Front facing camera
Webtop OS capabilities

Some sites are reporting that this phone will release on Verizon as the Droid HD. So what’s with the name Razr? Our guts tell us that somewhere somehow somebody’s code name is wrong, this device apparently has two code names the Spyder and the Razr. Perhaps the Droid HD will be the Droid HD in the US and on Verizon and the Razr elsewhere in the world.

A limited release would be a big mistake for Motorola especially reviving the flagship name Razr. For the Android version of the Razr to come even close to a percentage of the success of the original Motorola needs to have a long term plan to support this “mysterous” device and then make a commitment to not put out five Razr killers in the next two months.

Also aside from the gorilla glass and the kevlar the Droid Bionic is almost an identical machine.

source: TFTS
image: TIMN