Motorola Domain Purchaes Suggest Kore Is The Follow Up To Xoom

Motorola has gone on a binge domain buying spree as of late and scooped up 5 very interesting domains.  If these domains go hand in hand with rumors of a new Motorola Verizon wireless tablet, along with Motorola Mobility CEO Sanjay Jha’s announcement, than the Motorola Kore could be the follow up to the Motorola Xoom.

While on their recent Q2 earnings call Jha had said there were more 4G/LTE tablets coming.  Motorola Mobility President Dan Moloney also went on to suggest that the Motorola Xoom may see less sales volume as they focus on their new portfolio.

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Though no one has shown any actual pictures of a new Motorola tablet, at least a render of one was leaked out in a commercial posted to an official Verizon Wireless youtube account.

On Wednesday Motorola’s Trademark Holdings division purchased the domain names;,,, and The registrations all point directly back to Motorola and their headquarters in Libertyville, IL.

Although seeing a domain purchase like this can prove as useful as finding some trademarks, we are very interested to see whats at the Core of this…

source: fusible via Phandroid

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