Motorola Will Not Unlock Older Smartphones


Motorola recently gave out good news to its users by announcing a bootloader unlocking tool for users willing to be set free of all restrictions. The company however has managed to drop a bomb on Twitter by mentioning that the unlock tool will not support older devices and that it is “not currently in the plan”. So this basically means that users sporting devices like the Droid Bionic or the Droid X2 will be left behind. The announcement seems rather premature though, as there aren’t many new smartphones/tablets that the company can brag of.

The current list of compatible smartphones includes Sprint’s Photon Q 4G LTE and the Developer Edition Motorola Razr (European edition). The good news here is that all new Motorola smartphones could come with unlocked bootloaders so as to support the tools. The aforementioned incompatibility issue however will disappoint a fair amount of customers. The new unlocking tool also supports the two variants of the Motorola XOOM (Wi-Fi and 3G).

The newly launched Atrix HD on AT&T ships with a locked bootloader, which according to the company was to accommodate for the carrier’s requirements. So since that is out of the picture, there are a few other devices awaiting release. The Photon Q 4G LTE (Sprint) is currently the hottest Motorola device up for grabs for $200 on contract. And since it comes with an unlocked bootloader, Motorola’s online unlock tool can be used. So for now, it seems like the company’s new unlocking tool will receive lukewarm response. However with devices like the Razr HD scheduled to break cover on September 5, things could be different. Motorola didn’t make it clear if the two Razr smartphones will receive the same treatment.

Motorola’s initiative is commendable, regardless of how it panned out. Also, Motorola has only mentioned that supporting older devices is currently not in the plan so we cannot entirely rule out the possibility of a change in strategy. We would like it if other manufacturers take inspiration from Motorola and offer something similar.

The chances of Motorola rethinking its current plan looks fairly slim, so owners of older Motorola smartphones might want to consider newer smartphones like the Photon Q 4G LTE or the upcoming Razr HD. What are your thoughts on Motorola’s newest strategy?

Source: Twitter
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3 Replies to “Motorola Will Not Unlock Older Smartphones”

  1. I’ve been a loyal Motorola customers since E398 era. Motorola, modders-friendly brand, nice physical keyboard, that were the reasons for me to pick Droid2Global as my 1st Android phone after series of Moto devices (E398, v8, v9)..But, last minute GB upgrade, no ICS upgrade, and now broken promise about bootloader unlock. What should I say? NO! I wont say or write anything (petition or else), since it will fall on liars’ deaf ears or blind eyes, but I will not buy another Motorola products anymore.

  2. The reason i got this stupid bionic was because of verizon freakin told me it was the 3rd best phone they had.. what losers they never told me that motorola was a sucky brand. Motorola will regret this bs when they lose every one cuz of the screw up they made. Something good better come out of this decision or i will say goodbye to motorola and verizon for selling such crappy phones.

  3. I’ve been loyal to Motorola devices for years. But it’s this lack of support that will make me move on to other mfgs. My Bionic isn’t even a year old and this is there approach? Motorola – you’re going to lose people if you don’t do a better job of rolling out improvements to your legacy devices. Adios …

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