Motorola Atrix Rooted Before You Can Buy It

Joining the ranks of the HTC Thunderbolt, the Motorola Atrix, the flagship Android device headed to AT&T has been rooted! XDA developer designgears along with getaphixx have rooted the Motorola Atrix.

Root access gives you super user privileges in your Android phone. Possibly one of the most important features of a rooted device on AT&T is the access to sideload apps or use apps from “unknown” sources. For “your” protection AT&T restricts this functionality on all their Android devices. The problem is when they lock down outside sources it restricts you from using popular and safe sites, getjar and gameloft.

At this time the bootloader is signed and locked down which means you can’t currently flash roms to the Atrix however the device is still days away from pre-order status.

If you aren’t familiar with root you should be careful when attempting. Also we, nor the source site, nor the developers, nor anyone but yourself is responsible if you brick your phone. But you still have a few days to study the instructions.

For the complete instructions on how to root your Motorola Atrix (when you get it) head over to our good friends at Brief Mobile.

Source: Brief Mobile

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