Motorola Atrix 4G And Photon 4G May Not Get Android 4.0 ICS

Smartphone updates have been completely ridiculous coming from Motorola as of late. Motorola has even reiterated that after the company retracted numerous promises regarding upgrades. The new timeline that’s been released shows that Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is being pushed to the DROID XYBOARD 8.2, DROID Bionic and Motorola Xoom Family Edition in the next quarter. Who knows, they may even decide to push that back even more. On top of that, Motorola has announced that the Atrix 4G, Atrix 2, and Photon 4G owners may be out of luck on the update promised in Q3. This new list shows no other information that “future plans coming soon.” It’s very unclear as to what this exactly means, but it’s possible that owners of the Atrix 4G and Atrix 2 will not be getting the expected update that was just around the corner after its release in India.

This pusback wasn’t really expected, in fact, with the update releasing in Indie, it was anything but expected. It’s definitely a pretty sad day for those who have just recently picked up the phone due to expectations of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It’s even worse for those who have been waiting patiently for the update for months. I’m an Atrix 2 owner, and with my experience with Motorola, them pushing back the date essentially means that we won’t be getting the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. Which is sad, as the Atrix lineup has been fantastic when it comes to hardware, but unfortunately, it’s definitely behind the curve when it comes to the software. That is definitely one thing that Motorola does not excel at. I’ll obviously continue to use this handset, at least until I can afford an Xperia handset. I’m definitely not really willing to jump back on the Motorola bandwagon, as this has been one of the most ridiculous software rides I have ever had.

I really think that Motorola needs to start rethinking how they handle software updates. It’s absolutely crazy that Motorola would wait so long for something like this. Everyone is headed towards Jelly Bean and most of us are still stuck on Gingerbread. I personally think that maybe Motorola is going to be doing good with software updates, but they are only wanting to focus on their newer devices (i.e. new RAZR M). Maybe the Atrix stuff is just behind them now, and they just want to drop them as fast as possible. With the new Google acquisition, I see that as being pretty unlikely, but it’s not something I would ever put past Motorola. In short, this has all just been pretty ridiculous.

Is anyone frustrated with Motorola over this? As you can see, I am pretty frustrated with it all. India was able to get the ICS update for the Atrix 2, but everyone else couldn’t? I just don’t understand how Motorola was able to manage that. Here’s to hoping we’re able to get it soon, but if ICS has been this difficult, I can only imagine what Jelly Bean will be like for the devices.

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  1. Motorola makes solid hardware but Google is really the one that screwed us. Its all about the money. I wrote Motorola and the tech told me that they halted the release of ICS because of poor performance on the Atrix. As a programmer I know that is a load of crap. Truth is they did not want to budget the money for an old phone. I like Motorola’s hardware and they make good cable modems too but my next phone will be a Samsung Galaxy S 3 or the 4 if I decide to wait. It also works with the Samsung smart TV equipment I just bought. Adios Motorola!

  2. Sorry for you who bought an Atrix, like me. Since iPhone 3GS, a three years old piece of hardware, is getting iOS 6 and running beatiful. Thats why Apple is the most valuable company in the world.

  3. Can`t wait till June 28 so I can get the iPhone 5,I always said I would never get a iPhone but oh well thanks Motorola.

  4. We Atrix 4G users have now been officially screwed over. We are on the list to remain on Gingerbread.
    F U Motoroa. I hope people boycott your phones since you don’t care about your customers. Goodbye.

  5. I still have my Atrix 4G under contract until February so I have to use it until then. After that, I’ll be switching over to an iPhone 5. I’ve had enough. Motorola can kiss my ass. They offend me. I will never buy or recommend another Motorola product again. Goodbye.

  6. im pissed off because first they say that theyre not going to update the tf101 which came out 1 year ago and now they say theyre not going to update the first atrix and the second one. These are two companies i am not buying from ever again. I might as well switch to apple since they don’t leave devices in the dust untill 2 years is over

  7. I had high hopes with Motorola when I bought this device. I had to replace my phone twice in a year. Apart form the quality issues, now they are changing their plans. I am planning to buy a new phone and I am looking for other manufacturers.

  8. I too have been waiting patiently for the ICS update and checking the every day. My wife is tired of hearing me tell her about my agony. She tood great pleasure the other day informing me that iOS 6 was out for her iphone 4s.

    I have a glimmer of hope that by “future plans coming soon” means they are going to skip ICS and go straight to Jelly Bean. From what I have heard the transistion from ICS to JB is not that big a step. That would be nice.

  9. Don’t turn blue yet. Motorola has always beenthere for me with support. I have about 300 devices and the ones I have the least issue with are either Atrixies or Photons. I have a good feeling the 2’s and maybe even the 4G are not far away.

  10. I am definitely annoyed by this. I’m an Atrix 2 owner, and it always seems that Motorola puts AT&T on the sidelines. It’s an afterthought, and we are always the last to get anything. The fact that the Bionic (a phone that came out before ours) gets the update and we don’t is stupid and ridiculous. They’re sticking with their Verizon buddies and ignoring AT&T (again). The worst part is that Motorola is the only Android phone OEM whose skin I really like. And my experience with launchers proves them to be extremely slow if the phone is locked. So unless I want to root my phone and delete the old launcher and install a new one (and hope it runs better than while running two launchers), then I’m stuck with the OEM launcher. And let me tell you, I loathe TouchWiz. And Sense has gone really downhill too. So what’s a shunned Moto fan to do?

    Nokia, maybe?

  11. I have a atrix 2 was excited about getting the 4.0 update fuck moto should stuck with HTC never had a problem , moto don’t give a shit they already got our money

  12. That is so true! They all out making advertisements for the razr while the Atrix is left with nothing. Its like they don’t care about the Atrix line

  13. You can’t blame Google for this one. Motorola has always had outstanding hardware, but they have always been on the slow end of updating software. I was a CLIQ owner, and the extremely late software release has always been an issue. When the Atrix 4G first came out as the “flagship” phone 9 months later they introduced Atrix 2, and about 10 months after that the Atrix HD. With the exception of the HD and most phones on the Verizon network, Motorola Mobility placed everyone else on the back burner.

    Fooled me once with the CLIQ, Fooled me twice with the Atrix. Time to go to a different handset maker. Plain an simple.

  14. You know….I’ve been sitting on this Atrix 4g for over 5 months waiting patiently for Q3 and the PROMISED ICS update. This is my first and likely my last Motorola if I don’t hear a peep about the status of an update before Q4. Unconscionable if this is the way it becomes. No wonder people flock to the iphones. It’s just a sad day that a company is more concerned about the latest model to develop over their loyal customer base. Where’s the integrity? Why would I want to buy a new device when they can’t make good on their promises of my current one? Just to be screwed again? No Thanks!

  15. I’m changing all my social network site status to stay away from moto phones. Im going to let everyone who will listen know how moto rewarded my loyalty and patients with a kick in the gut.

  16. We all have been taken as fools,for months it was under development, and now they just change their minds? In my case two lines with the Photon, and now this! I hope someone from Motorola is reading this. Nobody is going to buy MOTO phones – And giving a 100 dollars credit, my loyalty is worth more than that.

    DO NOT BUY MOTOROLA PHONES – They need to learn a lesson.

  17. It might also be worth mentioning, if somebody didn’t already, the forum page also lists central and south america going ICS, so hopefully (fingers crossed) further plans means JB for north america.

  18. Google wanst anything that can compete with it’s own devices to disappear, which many of the features Motorola handsets did. They only wanted motorola’s patents. I’d suspect they’ll eventually roll the usefule divisions of mobility into google itself and shed everything else, mainly the tablet devs. Motorola had some awesome ideas and concepts, that if developed fully, would have been greate, but google is silently killing it all off.

  19. ICS has already been released for Motorola Atrix 2 in the 3rd week of September 2012. I have already updated my phone with it. Go to about phone and click for updates.

  20. Sony Ericsson Have Done The Samething, With it’s 2011 lineup they will not get updated to jellybean , only 2012 line will get that update , seems more of a Google issue not the company itself,

  21. Why not? The competing manufacturers (samsung) seem to be able to provide this kind of customer support. Why shouldn’t we expect it from motorola?

  22. They’re trying to gain market share with the new RAZRi then losing it with bone head moves like this. All thos MBA’s at Moto need to go back to school and learn about business ethics! Make that business period, and does RIM or Winmo ring any bells?? It’s clear now that Google only wanted Moto for their patent portfolio as defense against Apple

    I came from Samsung and I’m headed back there when the S4 comes out if my MB860 doesn’t at least get ICS if not JB! Their $100 rebate to buy another phone (and two year contract) from a sinking ship company is not happening…..

  23. Yup, the atrix is my last moto phone. And I WANT to be a moto customer. They just keep pushing me away.

    In fact, the atrix may be my last android phone. It’s really not fun to see google releasing huge os updates and not getting them on a phone whose hardware is more than capable. I’m not willing to do that again.

  24. I guess Motorola has all the customers it needs. Google, we will remember when making our next purchase.

    Motorola photon,

  25. i’m with you on this one, motorola is been limiting us to whatever they decide, not whatever the consumer wants, i’m finally making the switch to the galaxy! been a long time motorola user, but that’s all over soon.

  26. Motorola & Google can kiss my @$$ & my business goodbye. I’ll get an Iphone before I’d even look at another Moto phone!
    We were duped into buying a phone that was being touted as the flagship of smartphones with its dual core processor, yet not even 2 years later we are stuck with a phone that will never get farther than the Gingerbread update. Then Motorola has the audacity to tease us with ICS, while Jelly Bean is already being released, knowing damn good and well they aren’t going to deliver by the end of Q3 as stated.
    No one likes to be lied to Motorola & this idiocy is going to lose you a VERY large customer base, which is nothing more than you deserve. Goodbye Moto!

  27. Yeah at least up to 18 months as google strongly suggests that they do, and especially if they promise to provide it to the customers, when they make that promise it means we paid for the update already! So damn right we expect it.

  28. Yeah they really hoed us, im getting the galaxy s 4 when it comes out. will stick with this crappy moto product till then I suppose 🙁

  29. Don’t blame Motorola Mobility, blame the company that bought them, which is google… I am sure, they are pulling the puppet strings on this one. All those release dates were probably decided upon way before the buy out and not new company new rules. Which is paving the way to force you to purchase a new phone… Garbage…

  30. I don’t think I can buy any MOTO product anymore. But I think it’s not only MOTO should be cautious about this, Google has some responsibility as well. As a huge company, it cannot just 12.5 Billion to buy a company and lay off all its staff and discontinue the support of its old product. I am very disappointed after the merger, MOTO is not only not accelerating, but loosing the strength to just keep its promoise. OK, so what can I do? switch back to Nokia?

  31. When you try to go with the underdogs,i.e. other than iPhone/Samsung, I guess you get screwed. Its like trying to buy something superior but without the hype…..but I guess they are the best makes for a reason…..

  32. I’ve been checking the Motorola Android Software Upgrade News website weekly. I was shocked to see tonight that the status was changed to “further plans coming soon” for the MB860. Something tells me that they are abandoning the plans for ICS on the Atrix altogether. All in the wake of a missed Q3 rollout as originally planned. What a letdown. A joke. Last Motorola smartphone for me.

  33. Do you like having a phone that can be remotely hacked into and all of your information stolen? Between Carrier IQ and nVidia security vulnerabilities, your phone is full access pass to your identity.

  34. I too have been waiting for the Atrix 2 ICS update. When I heard India got the Over the Air ICS update I was excited. Now all of a sudden “Further planning”…

    A part of me says that could mean they’re skipping ICS and going to Jelly Bean.

    The majority part of me says that the India update gave users issues, so they decided to cease the release in other regions.

    Overall, I’m totally pissed about the way Motorola has handled the updates.

    They really are, “Indian Givers”.

  35. Atrix 4G. It was the best smartphone of 2011, and is still performing like a champ. I love the design, I love the power of the hardware that has remained competitive even in the fast-paced hardware race that is modern smartphone production.

    I do not love having my patience rewarded with empty promises, and I do not love slogging through branded bloatware or being chained to a locked bootloader. If you can’t get an update ready in time, unlock it and let us do it for ourselves, as you have already proven yourself inept.

    Next one’s going to be a Nexus Handset. It is everything it says it is, first day to the last, with absolutely no failures in execution or freedom.

  36. well one thought; did the roll out go bad in India? Maybe they are saving us from a greater hassle.

    Bummer either way…

  37. This is typical motorola. The only reason I haven’t ditched my Atrix yet is because I thought the update would come out and make my phone a lot less buggy. I’m getting an HTC phone, at least then I can root it whenever I want.

  38. this is stupid!!! They said update is coming out this month! forget motorola! I love the hardware on the phones because it is really good just like the writer said but seriously my phone is glitchy and I`ve been waiting for update forever!!!

  39. @Amy… I would pay for the update, I just don’t like being played for a fool. I just (45 days ago) recommended a moto atrix hd to my gf and if i’d have known this I wouldn’t have. If you say you are updating the device then do so. Don’t heaved med looking forward to it .. Say Q3 and then just bump us.., Ridiculous..

  40. Wow…incredibly disappointed! Been waiting all summer for the promise of ICS in Q3. Now, its like Christmas will never come for my ATRIX 4G. My first and last Motorola devise.

  41. I have been very happy with my 4G and will stick with it for awhile longer. I am impressed with the quality and speed, and would consider another version in the atrix line. I was also excited that they were keeping the OS up to date. I am dissappointed and will take this into consideration when choosing my next phone. I would like my phone to last beyond the contract and to keep up with the latest and greatest at the same time.

    Should we expect the manufactures to provide updates for free? I am sure there is considerable cost to do upgrades. Would you pay for an update? m

  42. The optimist in me hopes that “more information coming soon” means as an Atrix 4g owner with most of the accessories they are sloping over 4.0 and going to 4.1 jelly bean. But I think we are screwed and if thats the case as a long time supporter of Moto this will b my last device and will tell everyone I know not to buy one.. Ive not complained b4 and I’ve been patient but this is a slap in the face and I’m ANGRY and feel like I’ve been made a fool of.

  43. My ATRIX 2 is definitely the last Motorola product I will ever buy. I,like many others have been anxiously awaiting the ICE upgrade and now with this news I am thoroughly disgusted with Motorola. I’m switching over to Samsung galaxy 3,no wonder Motorola lost so much money….

  44. I was waiting cause i thought Moto is trying something big. Yeah, indeed they tried something big.. FOOLING MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!!!

  45. Unbelievable leave it up to Motorola to screw everyone else in the f****** ass and leave you to hang dry with empty promises. Like everyone else I’ve been waiting for my ATRIX 2 to receive ics and still nothing. But I guess India getting the update is more in important considering that Motorola is American but whatever. This will indeed be my first and foremost last Motorola device I’ll ever own! Gs3 here I come!

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