Motorola Abandons Sci Fi Eye And Deep Voice Over In Latest Droid Spot

The commercial for the newest Motorola Android device to hit the “Droid” line up for Verizon Wireless has shown up on the internet. It seems that Motorola’s marketing department is taking the advice of the thousands of pundits who have suggested that maybe that “Droid Eye”, and deep voice over may not be doing it for the masses.

Traditionally the heavy “Droid” releases on Verizon Wireless have gone hand in hand with very sci-fi commercials even leading up to the Motorola Xoom, the world’s first Honeycomb tablet.

While the current spot doesn’t highlight women, soccer moms, and busy dads using the Droid Razr, it could be a step in the right direction. This commercial has NO voice-over at all. The buzz words that Motorola used for the original campaign; faster, thinner, stronger, smarter.

For a device that Motorola is hoping to target the masses with by using a legacy name like “Razr” this still may not be enough. Our good buddy Chris Chavez at Phandroid even posted the European version of the commercial.  They seem to be closer to the mark. Don’t you think?


source: Phandroid


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