Moto X to be Unveiled August 1st in New York

Finally, after weeks of rumors, leaks and speculation, Google has revealed that the Motorola ‘Moto’ X phone that promises to change the smartphone market forever will be unveiled on August 1st in New York.  Mark your calendars and set reminders people, this is just 12 days away!  This will be a few days after Google’s expected launch of the refreshed new Nexus 7 tablet on July 24th.

moto x  launch date

Motorola’s next flagship smartphone and Google’s project got an official teaser by Motorola reading: moto X August 1 New York and a link to RSVP.  It further says ‘Come experience the new Motorola’ clearing the many rumors and speculations on when the phone, which has been dominating the rumor pages of blogs worldwide, will be coming.

We have covered a lot about the Moto X.  We know it is going to be different and will bring one or many new things to the smartphone industry.  This much anticipated device is the first built by Motorola under Google’s watch and because we know how Google often brings new stuff and aspires to be different, it is with a good reason that everyone has eyes on the launch.

We expect that the main focus will be Moto X’s customization features including the option to choose the rear cover color.  During launch, the fact that Moto X was wholly created and finish in the US, proof of which appeared on Motorola’s assembly plant in Texas, will be another point of focus by the two companies.

Besides the confirmation of the date that the Moto X will be coming to Cellular, you should also be happy to know that the phone will be available on all carriers and the unlocked version will also be on sale in many places.  It is largely expected that the off-contract and unlocked price of the phone is expected to be as little as $199.  Rumor also has it that the Moto X will be launching with Android 4.3 out-of-the-box.


Source: The Verge