Moto Maker For The Moto 360 Is Now Live

Moto Maker Moto 360

If you liked personalizing your Motorola phone, now you can personalize the Moto 360 as well. As was rumored a few weeks ago, Moto Maker for the Moto 360 has gone live, and with it you can now customize your Moto 360’s watch Case, Band, and Face.

There are not as many options as customizing your phone, but now you can at least personalize your watch before it ever arrives on your doorstep. Certain cases and bands cost extra, similar to the Leather and Natural colors on the Moto X. The Gold case adds a cost of $30 extra to the watch and the Metal band adds an extra cost of $50 as well.

While you can easily switch between watch faces when you set up your watch, it’s nice to see that you can choose the face before it ever arrives. With all the personalization you can do, you can truly now make your watch yours.

Source: Motorola via Android Police