Moto Maker color options for the 2015 Moto G revealed by new leak

Moto Maker - Moto G

A recent leak revealed how the 2015 Moto G will be getting support for Moto Maker customization. Today, we’re getting clarification on the extent of customization offered by Motorola with the upcoming midrange offering.

The leak comes from an official Motorola document where we can also see some other modifications like additional FlipShells, priced at $19.99. We’re guessing back panel customization will be offered for free along with the accents, while users only get to choose between white and black for the front panel.

There are a total of 10 back panel options and 10 different accents to choose from, so customers will have a myriad of options to choose from. The 2015 Moto G is expected to be available in 8 and 16GB storage variants, which is illustrated in the list above.

Overall, it seems like Motorola is taking this midrange offering seriously, which is very good to see for fans. The company is expected to make the device public along with the 2015 Moto X this Tuesday on the 28th of July.

Moto G - Moto Maker

Source: Reddit

Via: Techno Buffalo