Most Anticipated Goodies We Should See at Google I/O 2013

Google’s I/O registration page went live a couple of days ago, and we now know that registration for this annual event will kick off next month on 13th.  If you are abreast with the developments in the technology field, especially Google’s and other conferences, you will know that the Google I/O is not cheap, but for an enthusiast or a fan it is worth every penny.

google io 2013

The registration page does not offer a lot of information at this point but we know that the registration will kick off in two weeks, Wednesday March 13th at 7 am PDT.  If history is anything to go by, registration will be very competitive and is available spots should sell out within a couple of minutes after registration goes live.  If you have to earn a spot, be on your computer by 6.59 am and keep pressing F5 to refresh the page to secure one of the few first spots.  Google is reminding those wishing to register to make sure that they have set up Google+ and Google Wallet accounts and are active – if they are going to pay by this means.

The rest of us who may not make it to attend the conference, we will eagerly be awaiting to see what Google will offer us in terms of services and other goodies.  There are a lot of things that speculators have projected Google will introduce during the I/O conference including the next Nexus smartphone, Project glass, the Chrome OS, next version of Android OS and many more.  I am very excited about the I/O, I can’t help speculating what the major goodies Google may introduce during the I/O.  This is a post on the hottest expectations that may be unveiled during this year’s I/O between March 15th and 17th.


Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie


We have been hearing of Android 5.0 even long before Google announced Android 4.2 Jelly Bean last year.  Google has made tremendous steps in the development of the world’s most dominant mobile operating system – it now has almost every feature imaginable possible.  But the next edition of Android is expected to be a major improvement from the last major edition, 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and if rumors are anything to go by, the operating system will focus on simplicity and functionality rather than aesthetics.

Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie will be a major announcement by Google, even if it is only an unveiling.  It may be the highlight or the highlight of the event depending on what Google has in store for us.  Android is already a great operating system – it is nothing like that has ever been installed on a mobile device before.  The operating system works seamlessly with high end and budget smartphones and now runs on over 70 percent of all smartphones and tablets in the world.

It is Google’s tradition to unveil a new operating system with a new smartphone – or a tablet.  The next Android operating system 5.0 is expected to also focus on low battery consumption, simplified user interface, more compatibility with third party applications and hardware and more and simpler customization.  Google may also add a ton of other great features including gesture controls and greater performance.

If indeed Google is prepping a tablet or a smartphone, then there are high chances that there is a smartphone and or tablet in the works as well.




The success of Nexus devices in the market immediately on release has been unprecedented.  From the Original Nexus One, Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 smartphones and Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets, the name Nexus is in the telecommunication sector is now synonymous with fast-selling, cheap, high end devices from the best of the best companies.  There hasn’t been a chatter on whether Google is planning any new devices this soon, but last year, the release of Nexus 7 and Nexus 4 was almost an utter surprise to most of us.  Google, in collaboration with LG, released Nexus last fall, so it is unlikely that they are working on a new tablet or smartphone now, but it may come as a surprise.  In this regard, it is likely we may see a Nexus 4 with advanced features that the original one did not have such as 4G for the US market or better camera and expanded memory to up to 64 GB.

Nexus 7 was released in July last year and it has sold out in the Google Play Store a couple of times.  The biggest downsides of this tablet is that it has no voice GSM support, no rear camera and has no memory card slot for memory expansion.  Would Google broaden the market for Nexus 7 and come up with a tablet that has these missing features?  Could they go this far to introduce a Nexus 7 with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie?


Motorola Phone X

Motorola Phone X

Motorola, the company that developed the first ever mobile phone, is now under the wing of Google.  When Google acquired Motorola, most of us expected to see fireworks – of Google coming with all sorts of developments now that they have a hardware company.  However, as it turns out, Google took Motorola as an independent company and did not even build Nexus phones and tablets using the company and instead sourced it to other companies including Asus, Samsung, LG and in the future, HTC.

There are however strong indications that Google may be working on a Superphone with Motorola, currently dubbed Motorola Phone X.  Motorola in this case may be creating the phone ‘separately’ independent of Google, just the way other companies such as Samsung, Asus and LG did.  Google’s Larry Page has hinted in the past that Motorola X device or devices but nothing much is known about this except that it is expected to take on some of the most powerful smartphones in the market such as HTC One, LG Optimus G Pro and soon to be unveiled Samsung Galaxy SIV.  If indeed there is a high end smartphone, then we should expect a large full HD screen (between 4.5 and 5 inches), a quad core processor, Kevlar body, a battery that beats and other new technologies.  For now, it is just a speculation, or a hope.


Google TV

Google TV

Apple has made great strides in providing users with a comprehensive home entertainment.  Google on the other hand made a jab at it last year with Google Nexus Q Orb which didn’t really perform impressively.  The problem was that the hardware of the TV was lacking and it was much more expensive than those currently dominating the market.  This time though, Google may approach this service from an entirely new perspective and will most likely focus on provision of both online and offline content.

Google has however been quiet about whether they are developing a new TV hub.  Google is not a company that gives up easily though, the company may be making a big move to re-enter your living room – and this time to stay.  Other companies such as Roku, Apple, Ouya and Kinect have made the bold move and it paid off, but who will dominate the market this year?


Google always has a way to bring something new to its customers, and this is what makes such events as I/O very special and anticipated.  The company also does an amazing job of keeping mum on what projects they are working on – mostly until a few days to or during announcement.  This year’s I/O may have tons of surprises but we have no way of telling it for sure.  For now, we just have to wait for two weeks and see that surprises await us, the Google fanatics.