More bad press about Android Development from Facebook Dev

The increase in popularity Android has seen in this past year has brought about a flocking of developers from all walks to our beloved OS. WinMo hardliners, Web only devs, and even some talented iOS developers have made their way to Android. While the apps keep piling in, and the quality of the apps is increasing daily, we keep hearing very negative things coming from these developers about various parts of the Android dev experience. The most recent of which comes from iOS convert, and creator of their Facebook app, Joe Hewitt.

Remember last month with ZodTTD? When is ridiculously popular PSX emulator dropped into the market, thousands were left with an authorizing purchase message for 3 whole days while he tried to get Google’s attention for a solution. It was a disaster for everyone to sit and watch, and worst of all do nothing about. Now Joe Hewitt comes onboard, finally fed up with the restrictive nature of iOS, only to find that while Android is open, and he has plenty of room to stretch – there are problems everywhere. Joe went so far as to describe the experience to date as “Horrendous”. Is he able to get in touch with anyone at Google? Is anyone from Google paying attention here?

I saw dozens of examples of Google trying to get developers to come to android, offering them phones and such. Is there a follow-up? There’s no real examples of such, and given some of the other Market issues we have had, I doubt it. The community, devs and users, needs to stand up and call this out. In order for Android to survive long term we need support – rapid support – from Google.