Monkeying Around With Infinite Monkeys At AppNation 2011

While there were lot’s of apps brewing and lots of apps launched at Appnation this week in San Francisco, one company, of no fixed address, launched 700 apps. That’s right, they launched 700 apps on multi- platforms.

The company, called Infinite Monkeys, has launched a free way for small businesses, individuals, bands, community associations, clubs and other like minded and like sized organizations to make apps for what matters to them. All of this came together and launched at Appnation on Wednesday.

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Aside from a free and easy way to build apps, Infinite Monkeys finds distribution channels in the Apple App Store, Android Market and Get Jar. In addition all apps developed using Infinite Monkeys have QR code which means you can sideload apps to your device (except for AT&T of course) and you can download apps directly from the Infinite Monkeys website.

Infinite Monkeys is currently in private beta but will be open to the public momentarily. Right now if you’re interested in Infinite Monkeys go to their website and fill out the beta request form, they assure us they’ll have you up and developing in no time.¬† Like Appsgeyser that we showed you yesterday, Infinite Monkeys doesn’t require any actual programming experience.

Infinite Monkeys, Tribal Head Of The Humans, Jay Shapiro, also brought the Infinite Monkeys corporate office to the Moscone Center and App Nation. You see Shapiro has developed, invented, and created a camper like vehicle called the Eco Roamer which is a carbon neutral vehicle, that relies on Solar Power.  His family, including his wife and 2 kids, are currently driving the Eco Roamer around the world. We took a look inside and will be sharing that with you shortly.

In the meantime check out the video above and see what Infinite Monkeys is all about.

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  1. So, do you think companies like this one and appsgeyser will hurt true app development? Meaning: if anyone can create an app, will true skill become non-existent/rare?

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