Moment Allows You To Access Your Facebook From Your Mac’s Menubar


There are many Facebook accessing menubar applications but none quite like Moment, the app is very well designed and sort of fits in with the UI of the operating system with out becoming an Apple look a like app. The app from Tapmates allows you quick access to sharing on Facebook and viewing notifications, but it doesn’t allow you to read your newsfeed, which is quite the drawback for some Facebook users.

The application has two main aspects to it; the first being the ability to post status updates, tag friends and add links, photos and videos just by dragging and dropping into the menubar. The second aspect is that the notifications you receive will be displayed in the window, you can click on each notification but it will open your browser you will have to log log in to Facebook to reply.

Moment is very good at what it does, but I don’t seen it catching on if you are unable to reply to notification via the app or check your newsfeed. There have been rumours that an update will be coming to the app to add extra functionality like groups and privacy lists, overall it is a good app but for $4 I wouldn’t really bother purchasing it.

Source: CultofMac