MOGA Controller First Impressions (Part 2)


The MOGA controller has been a great experience so far, but my huge problem lays with the MOGA Pivot app. The Pivot app is what you use to connect your MOGA controller with MOGA optimized games. Unfortunately, the amount of MOGA optimized games is abysmal. Sure, they are getting a few good titles, but often you will be required to shell out a good $6.99 per game you want to play, some of which are specifically from Gameloft who is a huge MOGA supporter. While the amount of action games available are abysmal, what is even worse is the amount of racing games there are. There are a total of five available to you. I would assume that a lot of people would buy the controller for racing specific games due to the overwhelming popularity of these games on Android. That said, there really is not a whole lot there to keep the user interested.

When there is a larger arsenal of games to choose from, I can see the MOGA controller being worth the $49 they are asking, but for now it should be priced at what one would find on any other controller. I can’t complain because I did get this controller entirely for free, but as a consumer the package you get for $49 is abysmal. Sure the controller might be awesome, but the MOGA Pivot and the amount of games it has is ridiculous.

On a more positive note, the response times from the MOGA controller are great! There is little to no delay whatsoever, which is something that you would expected from a wireless controller (or with any wireless peripheral). Often you will find that there is delay with wireless gadgets like mice, keyboards and even headphones. Something may take an extra second or few milliseconds to register before completing an action. Thankfully that is hardly noticeable with the MOGA controller.

All in all, the MOGA controller is a fantastic controller. The lack of games on the MOGA Pivot app is definitely disappointing, but if you don’t mind sitting back and waiting for more to become available, I can see a whole lot of people having a lot of fun with this controller.The MOGA controller feels durable, comfortable and responsive. If you are big on Android gaming, this is something that you don’t want to miss out on, especially as more and more games become optimized with the MOGA controller.

I’m going to give the MOGA controller a few more days before I jot down my final thoughts on the controller. I want to make sure that it has a fair chance. As of right now, I’m really liking (despite the lack of games) the controller and how responsive it is. While you wait for my review, in the meantime you can check out Power A’s product page for the MOGA controller. There is a lot of information there, including quite a few words on compatibility, which you may want to read if you so decide to grab this controller for yourself.

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  1. You just have to download the moga ime settings app from play store. It will let you use the controller for pretty much any game. Kind of sad when someone makes a better app then the manufacturer of the hardware.

  2. Great review Brad! I just recently received mine and while the controller is great, the lack of useful titles is a little disappointing.

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