Minuum Keyboard Funding Success a Step away from Typewriter Keyboard for Smartphones and Tablets

A quick search for ‘Keyboard’ on Google Play Store will reveal that there are so many third party keyboards on the market – some free some paid.  Most of these keyboards are qwerty but have other modes including number pad modes and T9.  The top features are word completion, swiping to type, auto correct in several languages and word prediction.  What would a developer think of to come up with a completely different keyboard specially imagined for a touchscreen mobile device considering the limited screen size?  The guys at Whirlscape out of Toronto have come up with a minimalistic keyboard – and now they have the funding to develop it.

Minuum Tablet Keyboard

The company is got triple the funding they wished for, more than $41,456 to be precise at the time of publication, with 28 days left, when all they needed was $10,000 via Indiegogo, a crowd-funding website like Kickstarter.  The Minuum keyboard according to the developers is designed to improve mobile typing, improve efficiency and reduce the space that a keyboard occupies on a device screen.  Some of the top features and benefits of the Minuum keyboard include:

  • It allows fast entry typing even when a user’s typing style and speed is sloppy.
  • It is space economical.  It makes more than half the space that a traditional touchscreen keyboard would otherwise take available for other uses.
  • Comes with a smart autocorrect feature.
  • Precise typing thanks to letter magnification.  This makes the keyboard even friendlier to people with large fingers.
  • Abides by the QWERTY keyboard format.  Users will not have to learn a new keyboard layout to use Minuum.
  • Convenient access to all keys including those on traditional virtual keyboards including Enter, Backspace, punctuations, Symbols and Shortcuts without using more screen space
  • The Minuum keyboard can be dragged to any part of the screen and is easily resizable.
  • The final release of the Keyboard will come with more options including curving keyboard layout for better ergonomic typing, alternate color schemes and an option to rearrange the letters to the user’s liking.

Minuum Smartphone KeyboardThe best thing about this new revolutionary keyboard design is that there is a possibility it can be incorporated in other devices with even smaller screens including game controllers and smart watches.

The company stretched its goal when they realized the amazing response of funders to $60,000 for a wearable development kit and all indications are that they will get it in a few hours.  If you would like to support them reach their goal and be a part of the action, you can head on to their Indiegogo page here and assist them with the funds to build their own development kit.  You will qualify to special recognition and early access to the beta keyboard set to be released by

What do you think about this keyboard layout?  Does this signify the beginning of the end of QWERTY and the entry of custom layout keyboards for smaller screen devices?


[Via Indiegogo]