Arrives For Android Tablets’s easy to use financial management app has come to Android tablets. Users can now visualize with ease, interactive graphs, view balances, track spending and receive alerts with’s personal finance app.

If you have issues managing your spending, or you get paid and don’t know where the money goes, offers an easy to use solution that lets users visualize their spending habits, and where their money goes.

“In the next few months, Android tablets are expected to hold more than 40 percent of the market share,” said Aaron Forth, general manager of Intuit Inc.’s (Nasdaq:INTU) Personal Finance Group. “As tablet use rises, more mobile-savvy people will look for ways to manage their lives across multiple devices, so we developed our Android tablet app to bring simple money management tools to their fingertips.”

More after the break has over 8 million web and mobile users and is now available on the web and on both iOS and Android. The new app for Android tablets includes these features:

  • Organize all accounts: One tap gives users a complete overview of their finances; helps them review account balances and automatically categorizes transactions.
  • Obtain financial insight: Detailed graphs drill into spending by category, such as food, clothing and travel, or spending over time; provide customizable date ranges for a personalized view.
  • Stay on top of spending: Personalized budgets track spending help users reach financial goals.
  • Get personalized updates: Streaming delivery of account alerts, bill reminders and personalized advice provides the most up-to-date information and helps people make smart financial decisions.
  • Track cash spending: Enter cash transactions while on the go to more accurately capture spending.
  • Easily find transactions: The search bar helps users find specific transactions or purchases by merchant, category or tags.
  • Review finances anywhere: No Internet? No problem. Storing information from the latest download allows easier viewing of finances, anytime, anywhere. is a product of worldewide financial software provider Intuit. Intuit is best known for their Quickbooks, Quicken and Turbotax software. focuses on personal finances.