Millions Of AT&T Customers Overpaying For Data

AT&T’s data has been a hot news item as of late. They recently lost a small claims lawsuit by a customer who was throttled even though he had unlimited data for the iPhone.¬† Now, a study reported via consumer reports revealed that over half of AT&T’s customers may be paying too much for data.

The survey was conducted by Validas. What they revealed was that nearly half (48.6%) of AT&T’s customers were using less than 300mb of data per month which is actually AT&T’s lowest plan. Customers grandfathered into AT&T’s unlimited plan pay $10 more dollars per month. They could potentially be saving $10 per month by switching to the 300mb.

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As Gottabemobile’s Adam Mills reports though, changing to that 300mb plan may not be such a good idea. If you switch to the lower plan and cross over it you then pay a fee of $20 so that’s $10 more dollars than the original unlimited plan.

The downside to A&T’s current unlimited plan is that they’ve started throttling customers who cross over 3gb of data on the unlimited plan.

If you’re an app downloading person or stream a bit, you may be safer staying on your original plan. If you use the web very casually and just use data for email and instant messages you may want to see how much data you’re using. If you’re using way under 300mb per month you could save $120 a year just for switching down your data plan.

source: Gottabe