Microsoft Surface now up for pre-order, supply falls short

Microsoft Surface has been put up for pre-order starting yesterday, October 16th. Contrary to what analysts say that it will not perform well in the market the company is trying to take control, it seems like there are many people who would want to try it out than we expect. Sources who are close to the production line said that the base model being offered at $499 is now in short supply.

While every tablet owner is now well-acquainted with Android and iOS tablets, curiosity would push them to try the kind of technology Microsoft offers with its latest foray into the market. It is apparent because only the base model is getting a lot of attention. The price may be a little steep but it seems like people don’t care at all. After all, Windows Surface isn’t bad at all even when compared with other high-end tablets available in the market. Speaking of the base model, people who pre-ordered the device for $499 will get a quad-core processor and 2GB RAM.

Quad-core processor. Windows Surface will be running Microsoft’s operating system designed for ARM architecture and to be able to pose a competition with key industry players, the company has to wrap a quad-core processor to power its device. Surface will come with NVIDIA Tegra T30, a quad-core processor clocked at 1.4GHz with integrated 520MHz ULP GeForce GPU. Other devices using this processor are Asus Transformer Prime and HTC One X.

2GB RAM. Only a few actually know Windows RT will require so much memory to run but if it does, for sure, 2GB is enough to cater its needs. Many tech enthusiasts believe 1GB RAM is more than enough for any mobile computers, so it’s good to know Microsoft is taking its innovation a step ahead. The base model would also be getting 32GB internal memory but there is a microSD slot for those who might find it insufficient.

Just to make it clear for those who may be planning to get a unit of this slate, the Touch Cover is not included in the $499 model but it can be bought for around $120. Nevertheless, the base model is more competitive than we first through. When compared to the third generation iPad, perhaps the only factor Surface will be beaten is the resolution; it only has 1366 x 768 pixels resolution while the New iPad has 2048 x 1536 pixels with Retina Display. Other than this, Windows Surface is far more powerful.

[source: Microsoft Store]