Microsoft preparing 25 million more Xbox 360 sales with huge announcment at E3


The Xbox 360 still sells over one million Xbox 360 units per quarter and Microsoft believes in the next five years it will continue selling 1.25 million per quarter, despite the launch of the Xbox One.

Microsoft plans to do this with a “huge” announcement at E3 to keep gamers interested in the older Xbox console, we believe the company will offer a significant price drop for emerging markets.

EA recently announced they would be extending work on the Xbox 360 till 2017, we expect major gaming labels will also do this to make sure they reach the 95 million potential users.

Five years may be the knock off point for the Xbox 360, Microsoft has always been more clinical with the end of support for their consoles compared to Sony, who only recently stopped the PS2 line.

With the Xbox One, Microsoft plans to gain a lot more users because of the TV and entertainment aspects, with Interactive Entertainment Business Senior VP Yusuf Mehdi saying sales could be around one billion.

Source: OXM