Michael Kors Access with Android Wear launching this Fall

Michael Kors - Android Wear

Michael Kors is a renowned brand in the fashion industry and we even saw the brand make its way to #AndroidWear in the form of a watchface recently. Well, the brand clearly wants to increase its presence in Google’s smartwatch ecosystem as it has just announced the release of a new smartwatch line, known as the Michael Kors Access. The smartwatches will have varying bands and will include an attractive looking gold option as well.

Michael Kors - Android Wear -1

Needless to say, the designer brand has been wise enough to go with a circular display (flat tire), so you’re getting that elegant look and feel here. The Access will not be available at least until Fall 2016 and will carry a price tag of $395, which is in line with the diver-focused smartwatch that was released by Nixon yesterday.

If there’s one complaint we have here, it’s that the company is opting for the often critiqued flat tire display that we saw on the Moto 360. Barring that, the Michael Kors Access screams of luxury and should appeal to a wide range of fans out there.