MediaTek Linkit For Wearables And Internet of Things Gets Major Support

Early this month MediaTek launched Linkit, a platform that is built for the purpose of rapidly developing the wearable and Internet of Things (IoT) markets. Linkit basically integrates the company’s Aster System on Chip (SoC) which is currently the world’s smallest SoC for wearables. This chip allows developers to easily create wearable and IoT products for consumers at competitive process. Now the company has found several partners that are willing to support the platform.

mediatek linit

First is Acer, which has announced that it will be making use of the Linkit development platform for its upcoming personal and cloud initiative. The executives of Acer and MediaTek announced their partnership during the Computex 2014 trade show in Taiwan.

Acer was once the top 2 PC manufacturer in the world but since the market has already changed with smartphones and tablets outselling PCs the company is now turning its sights to the cloud. The company is now focusing on its initiative called Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) which allows consumers and businesses to build clouds on their own PCs.

According to Acer founder and outgoing Chairman Stan Shih, “Acer will be working with MediaTek on the development of BYOC. I’m excited about the potential opportunities it brings for our companies in the field of cloud technology and wearable devices, and am looking forward to seeing innovative new applications and technologies that benefit our customers in the BYOC ecosystem.”

MediaTek Chairman and CEO Ming-Kai Tsai added that “We expect wearable devices and the Internet of things market to take off in the coming years and anticipate that MediaTek will be a big part of the growth. This partnership with Acer will enable us to further fuel the impact that all kinds of devices will have in one’s life.”

Another major company that has partnered with MediaTek to take advantage of the Linkit platform is Gameloft. This company which is best known for creating several popular mobile games intends to expand the video game market to smartwatches. The company has recently announced that its latest game called Danger Dash is going to be optimized for MediaTek’s Linkit platform. The game will allow players to interact using smartwatches that uses the Linkit platform.

Gonzague De Vallois, Senior Vice President Publishing Gameloft, says that “It is always exciting to develop games that are played in ways that were never imagined before. Danger Dash will perfectly showcase the capabilities of the smartwatch in terms of gameplay, and we are delighted to bring it to even more players all around the world.”

These are just two of the first companies that have immediately supported the Linkit platform and we are sure more will follow soon.

Here are the key features of MediaTek Astor and the Linkit platform

  • MediaTek Aster, the smallest SoC in a package size of 5.4×6.2mm specifically designed for wearable devices.
  • LinkIt integrates the MediaTek’s Aster SoC and is a developer platform supported by reference designs that enable creation of various form factors, functionalities, and internet connected services.
  • Synergies between microprocessor unit and communication modules, facilitating development and saving time in new device creation.
  • Modularity in software architecture provides developers with high degree of flexibility.
  • Supports over-the-air (OTA) updates for apps, algorithms and drivers which enable “push and install” software stack (named MediaTek Capsule) from phones or computers to devices built with MediaTek Aster.
  • Plug-in software development kit (SDK) for Arduino and VisualStudio. Support for Eclipse is planned for Q4 this year.
  • Hardware Development Kit (HDK) based on LinkIt board by third party.

via prnewswire, eweek