Mavenir Systems Acquires Airwide Solutions

Mavenir Systems, one of the leading innovator of mobile solutions for LTE operators has announced their agreement to acquire Airwide Solutions, one of the leading providers of mobile messaging solutions.  

This new acquisition puts Mavenir in a position where they now have the ability to become a strong global force capable of enabling mobile operators to transform their overall network and launch a combined voice, video and messaging service over LTE.

“With this acquisition, Mavenir Systems will strengthen its already advanced product portfolio and will be well positioned to support global mobile operators in their evolution to 4G networks,” said Pardeep Kohli, president and CEO, Mavenir Systems.  “Our increased global presence and our combined experience will instill a greater confidence in our customers as they rely on Mavenir to launch innovative LTE services quickly and cost effectively.”

Mavenir will be adding all of Airwide’s employees and product portfolios into theirs. By doing so Airwide will be bringing a strong team to Mavenir that understands how the global messaging market works. The combined companies are now in a position to deliver LTE solutions to customers across each of the major regions throughout the world.

The recent Series E funding that was just recently announced will help Mavenir’s continuing expansion into the fast growing 4G/LTE market. This will help ensure that they maintain the highest level of support for their customers. This acquisition is a key feature of their every growing strategy to increase their footprint to over 120 mobile operators worldwide.

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