Maps Manager Fired From Apple, Eddy Cue Shows Him The Door

Some reports are surfacing saying that the executive that was in charge of creating Apple’s rival to Google Maps has been fired from the company due to the half-baked product he and his team launched. Richard Williamson was reportedly shown the way by Apple’s Senior Vice President Eddy Cue. This comes from people who are familiar with the action, but declined to be identified.

Eddy Cue previously oversaw Apple’s cloud services along with iTunes content negotiations. He was just recently put in charge of Apple’s recent software efforts — Siri and Apple Maps. Based off of how bad Apple Maps is, he’s going to be a very busy man as they work on getting the service fixed. Although, I have my own suspicions that they probably won’t release it until the next iPhone generation. As you should know, map technology is quite time consume and takes a lot of effort. Google Maps has been constantly improved for years and years, and still continues to get improved, which is why I think Apple Maps will at least take another year.

Regardless, Cue is reportedly looking for external help with their Mapping software. From the sounds of it, it looks like he is charging TomTom with the improvement tasks of the software. Not only that, but Cue is also reportedly putting together a team to fix the unfinished parts of the software as soon as possible.
Hopefully their efforts prove to be fruitful, Apple Maps does have the potential to be a really good piece of software.
source: Phone Arena