manage facebook language settings galaxy s20

How to view and manage Facebook language settings on Galaxy S20

Facebook can also be used as a language learning machine with over a hundred of supported languages. Want to make the most out of Facebook’s language feature? Here’s a quick guide on how to access and manage Facebook language settings on Galaxy S20. Social media apps like Facebook continuously receive updates including new features and

retrieve deleted facebook messages

How to Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages on Galaxy S20

Facebook messages that are permanently deleted are usually not retrievable unless they’re archived. Nevertheless, there are a few tweaks you can utilize in case you badly need to recover any important messages that were unintentionally deleted on your Facebook account. Here’s how to retrieve deleted Facebook Messages on Galaxy S20. Read on for more detailed

instagram crashes on galaxy s20

How To Fix Instagram Crashes On Galaxy S20

Instagram crashes on Galaxy S20 are often not serious. App-related problems like this are pretty minor and you may be able to fix them by troubleshooting the app in question, or your phone. That’s what we’re going to do in this article. We will determine if the problem is with the app or your device. 

hide view conversations galaxy s20 messenger

How to Hide and View Conversations on Galaxy S20 Messenger

For confidentiality or privacy reasons, some people would opt to hide sensitive messages and conversations. Thankfully, modern messaging apps are already programmed to execute such functions to hide any confidential messages or conversations on the phone. And Facebook’s standalone messaging application — Messenger is also capable of this function. In case you’re wondering how to

put an app to sleep on galaxy s20

How To Put An App To Sleep On Galaxy S20

To put an app to sleep on a Galaxy S20 or any smartphone for that matter, means to stop it and all its services from running in the background. Sometimes it is necessary to put an app to sleep, especially if the application in question is using too much battery. There are also apps that

unresponsive galaxy s20 touchscreen

How To Fix Slow Or Unresponsive Galaxy S20 Touchscreen

Some users reported that the Galaxy S20 touchscreen has been slow and there are even times when it becomes unresponsive. This problem can be a sign of a minor issue with the firmware or a serious hardware concern that needs to be checked by a technician.  In this post, I will guide you in troubleshooting

enable disable automatic app updates s20 play store

How to Enable and Disable Automatic Updates on Galaxy S20

Keeping apps up-to-date is recommended to ensure optimum performance of your apps. Hence, enabling automatic updates feature is favorable. Nonetheless, keeping this setting can also result in incurring additional data charges especially if your phone uses cellular data to access internet services. This is when the need to disable automatic updates arises. This post will

change galaxy s20 touchscreen sensitivity

How To Improve Touchscreen Sensitivity On Galaxy S20

There are screen protectors that can affect your phone’s screen sensitivity and make you miss some taps. It’s not really a serious problem but can be annoying at times. Good thing your Galaxy S20 allows you to change the touchscreen sensitivity.  So if you recently bought a screen protector and got it installed on your

galaxy s20 text editing

How To Use Galaxy S20 Text Editing Keyboard Feature

Did you know that your Galaxy S20 has a text editing keyboard feature you can use so you can accurately select texts you can cut or copy? We all know how difficult it is to edit texts on a smartphone even if the device has a big display like the S20. You can’t just move

change galaxy s20 keyboard theme

How To Change Galaxy S20 Keyboard Theme

The default Galaxy S20 keyboard is already good that you really don’t need to change anything for it to work. However, Samsung wanted its users to be able to customize almost every aspect, that’s why there are 4 keyboard themes you can choose from.  That’s what we’re going to show you in this post. We

change and manage galaxy s20 onscreen keyboard

How to Change and Manage Galaxy S20 On-Screen Keyboard

Aside from Samsung’s default keyboard, there are plenty of other alternative keyboards you can use on your new Galaxy S20 smartphone. In this quick guide, I will show you how to access the settings that will let you make such changes. Read on to learn how to change and manage the Galaxy S20 on-screen keyboard.

activate galaxy s20 one-handed mode

How to Activate and Use Galaxy S20 One-handed Mode

This post will teach you how to activate the Galaxy S20 one-handed mode feature. Feel free to refer to this tutorial if you need help reducing your phone’s display. The Galaxy S20 has a 6.2-inch display, which means that it’s big. With displays like this, not all users would be able to operate the device

link galaxy s20 to windows computer

How to Link your Galaxy S20 to a Windows computer/laptop

The new Samsung Galaxy S20 caters a number of advanced features. Among these features is called Link to Windows. As the name implies, this feature allows you to link your phone to your Windows computer/laptop. And once the devices are connected, you will be able to access files from your phone straight from the computer.

how to change galaxy s20 screenshot file format

How to Change the Default Screenshot Format on Galaxy S20

This post will teach you how to change the Galaxy S20 screenshot file format. Feel free to refer to this walk-through in case you need some help converting the default screenshot file type on your new Samsung handset. When it comes to image quality, JPEG and PNG files emerge among the top-rated. Between these two,

fix galaxy s20 low audio during calls

Galaxy S20 problem on Low Audio during calls [Quick solutions]

This post will help you troubleshoot a low audio problem on Galaxy S20 during calls. Feel free to try these quick solutions before taking a trip to a service center. Audio problems during phone calls from low to no audio are usually attributed to some settings that aren’t properly configured. Or it could simply because

how to manage data usage galaxy s20

How to Manage Data Usage on Galaxy S20

This post is aimed at helping new Android users to view and manage data usage on Galaxy S20. This is imperative to avoid incurring extra charges from using the internet via mobile data. Mobile data connection is the best instant alternative whenever a Wi-Fi network isn’t available and that you badly needed to get online.

how to manage galaxy s20 battery and power usage

How to View and Manage Galaxy S20 Battery and Power Usage

When it comes to power management, new smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S20 offer different ways to preserve and extend battery life when needed. It also has relevant features that when activated will automatically adjust the display resolution based on your power usage. To make use of these features, I’ve prepared a simple walkthrough for you

How to share steam game.

How To Share Your Steam Game Library To Family Or Friends

With its thousands of games, Valve’s Steam offers a way for its users to share its game library to a family member or friend conveniently. Mainly, this is to allow parents and kids to share games without interfering with each other’s progress, achievements, or saves. The other purpose is to extend access to someone outside