Resolving Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Issues [Part 1]

Despite Samsung Galaxy S5’s vaunted hardware specifications, the device has been plagued by many issues including camera-related glitches. To be fair with Samsung, most of these issues are firmware in nature and many of them occur not because of faulty hardware. Some issues happen after a major operating system overhaul like the Lollipop update, while

Solutions For Note 3 Power, Boot Up Issues [Part 2]

There are a lot of ways a Note 3 can go wrong but one of the most common problems being reported by users around the world are those concerning boot-up and power-related ones. As we aim to educate Android community about these issues, we come up with a focused set of posts to address them.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4 Pro – rumor roundup and preview

Call us rash, call our efforts premature and the venture into speculation territory pointless, with so many unknowns to the Galaxy Note 5 vs LG G4 Pro equation. Nothing to argue there, given one phone’s ETA remains up in the air, while another’s very identity and existence can’t be authenticated at the moment. But someone

How to Set Up User Accounts In Lollipop Updated Galaxy S5

While this feature had previously been made available to tablets running Jelly Bean, Google never saw its utility on smartphones. With the introduction of Android Lollipop, Google appears to have recanted and made it available to smartphones as well. But why do you want to set up another user account in your phone, you may

Samsung Galaxy S3 User Problems and How To Fix Them [Part 32]

Welcome to the 32nd segment of our Samsung Galaxy S3 Problems series. There are, at least, 15 problems I addressed in this post, so feel free to browse through it and find a problem related to yours. If you cannot find your problem here, I strongly suggest you browse through the previous parts we published

Samsung Galaxy K Zoom vs Galaxy S4 Zoom – Specs comparison

Apparently unwilling to dilute the Galaxy S brand anymore, Samsung took the wraps off an S5 subspecies called Galaxy K Zoom. I’ll be damned. But look, Sammy, just because you label a light bulb some fancy other way, it doesn’t mean we’ll view it any differently. If it glows as a result of electric current