Maingear To Begin Offering Intel’s i7 Quad Core Processor In Their Machines

Maingear, a top manufacturer of gamer quality laptops and PC’s has paved the way with top of the line computers since Alienware’s purchase by Dell.  Maingear has really taken off where Alienware left off after that merger.

Maingear, an award winning manufacturer of custom laptops, desktops and workstations has announced that they are going to incorporate the new Intel I7 quadcore processor. They plan on taking “over clocking” to new heights with the i7 2700k processor.

The i7 processor clocks at 3.5ghz with a 3.9ghz turbo boost. It integrates CPU, graphics, memory controller, and PCI express all onto one single chip. This will give their core customers, gamers, an extreme performance upgrade on already solid machinery.

Advantages of Intel Core i7 2700k in MAINGEAR desktops:

•   Intel Core i7 2700k is 100MHz faster than the previous generation Intel Core i7 2600k
•   MAINGEAR can overclock the Intel Core i7 2700k up to 5GHz and beyond
•   With MAINGEAR’s EPIC liquid solutions, gamers can max out settings for the ultimate experience
•   Available on the MAINGEAR SHIFT and F131
•   MAINGEAR F131 with Intel Core i7 2700k starts at $1,228 while the SHIFT starts at $1,985

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  1. its related to SoC sure make sense intel might jump in the mobile market as a hw provider sooner then expected…

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