Mailbox Lauches Email Client for iPad


Two months after it’s acquisition the email client Mailbox has finally brought out it’s service to the iPad, after being acquired by Dropbox two months ago they have finally worked out all of the kinks in the iPad version and are ready to release it to the world.

Mailbox has said that they have been working on the iPad version of their app since before the acquisition, this means that app isn’t just Dropbox coming in and taking over; the app should work exactly like it does on your phone.

However the new Mailbox for iPad app only works in landscape mode for list messages, which is a bit annoying but can be overlooked. The app has been specially reformatted for the iPads bigger screen, this means that you should be getting the best possible performance out of the app for you.

Since the app has now entered the iPad section of the app store all that is left is the desktop, there has been word on whether or not the company is working on a desktop client.

The only thing that we are eager to find out about the app is whether or not those terrible waiting lists are going to appear on the iPad version, especially since it took at least six weeks for most to get online with there app on the iPhone version.

Source – TechCrunch