galaxy a10 mobile hotspot not working

Samsung Galaxy A10 mobile hotspot not working. Here’s the fix.

Android devices, or any smartphone for that matter, can share their Internet connection with other devices. Thanks to the mobile hotspot service, you can turn your phone into a portable WiFi hotspot. What you need is an active mobile data connection to get this service working. That’s right! You will only be able to share

Messages closes before a text is sent on Galaxy A10

Texting problems are common regardless of the brand and model of your smartphone. However, some owners of the Galaxy A10 have a different issue as the default texting app called Messages reportedly started to crash just before a text message is sent. The said problem started to occur after the recent update for the device.

Fix Galaxy S10 Android 10 issues

Galaxy S10 stuck on black screen after Android 10 update

Shortly after the Android 10 update, some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 have reported that their devices got stuck on a black screen and would no longer respond or turn on.  Depending on how the problem occurred, this can be just a minor problem with a firmware or a sign of a serious hardware

Learn how to fix your Galaxy S10 that keeps disconnecting from the WiFi network

Galaxy S10 WiFi keeps disconnecting after Android 10 update

The Android 10 update for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and its variants is stable and there were just a few owners who reported some serious issues after installing it. However, minor issues may occur every now and then, and among the most commonly reported problems is about WiFi. Some of the owners who just updated

Fix Galaxy S10 touchscreen not working after Android 10 update

Galaxy S10 touchscreen not working after the Android 10 update

There are times when the touchscreen of your phone may stop working due to some performance related problems and there are also times when glitches happen and your device just stops working. It’s not normal but it occurs every now and then. It’s not something to worry about because most of the time, it gets

Galaxy S10 screen goes black while watching videos after Android 10

There are times when app issues occur regardless of the app you’re using. Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 have reported that shortly after the Android 10 update, the screen of their devices turn black while they’re watching videos. Of course, it’s not easy to determine the cause because it may vary depending on

Galaxy A10 Gallery keeps crashing or closing after a minor update

The gallery is one of the core applications that comes with every Android device. It manages your pictures and videos as well as provide previews to images taken by the camera app. It is important that the app and all its services are working properly because even attaching pictures to your emails or messages require

facebook started crashing after android 10 galaxy s10

Facebook started crashing after Android 10 on Galaxy S10

Facebook is a pre-installed application on a Galaxy S10 but it’s being updated separately unlike the other pre-installed apps. It can be stopped and reset but it can’t be uninstalled, unless you’ve rooted your phone. Now, if you encounter some problems with it, it can be due to a minor issue with the app itself,

galaxy a10

How to Restart or Reset a Frozen Galaxy A10?

When a smartphone gets stuck or frozen, there are two possibilities: either it’s just a minor firmware-related problem or a serious hardware issue. The phone may be frozen on a certain screen or app that you were using when the problem occurred, or it may be stuck on a black screen that often leaves an

galaxy a10 mobile data not working

Samsung Galaxy A10 mobile data not working? Here’s the fix!

Aside from being an alternative way to connect to the Internet, the mobile data is necessary to send and receive MMS or picture messages. It is important that it should work properly when you need it, especially if you’re always on the go. For users who are subscribed to a plan, their phones should be

galaxy a20

What to do if your Galaxy A20 takes too long to open apps

It is always expected that app issues may occur every now and then no matter the brand and model of your phone. There are just to many variables that could contribute to the development of a problem even if it’s just a minor one. But among the common reasons why you have some issues with

How To Fix Bluestacks Black Screen On Windows 10 Issue

How To Fix Bluestacks Black Screen On Windows 10 Issue

Bluestacks is a software that you can use to run Android applications on your Windows computer. This makes it possible for anyone to play their favorite mobile Android games or their Android apps on their Windows 10 machine. Although this is a solid performing software there are instances when certain issues can occur. In this

Galaxy S10 WiFi not working after Android 10? Here’s the fix fix!

Network-related issues aren’t really that common but it seems like some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S10 (S10 Plus and S10e) have encountered problems with the WiFi. Some said that WiFi stopped working after the Android 10 update, while others reported that they started to have intermittent connection shortly after the update. The Android 10

samsung galaxy s10 android 10 running slow slow sluggish runs very slowly

Samsung Galaxy S10 running slow after Android 10 update

Performance issues are common even to high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus and S10e. In fact, some owners have reported that shortly after the Android 10 update, their phones started running slow or sluggish. It’s among the most common issues that greatly affect the performance of the device. Most of the time,

samsung galaxy a50 has become slow and sluggish or laggy

What to do with Slow and Sluggish Galaxy A50

Performance issues are normal but they often occur when you least expect them and that would seem to be happening with some owners of the Samsung Galaxy A50. According to some owners, their devices has become slow and sluggish after an update but it’s not a major update because the Android 10 update for the