LTE Nexus 9 now getting the Stagefright patch [Download]

Nexus 9

Google originally began sending out the Stagefright patch for its Nexus devices over a week ago. However, some key devices were missing from the list. Today, we’ve managed to stumble across an OTA download link for the LTE Nexus 9 (volantisg) directly from Google.

Unlike a factory image, this update file doesn’t take a lot of your time and requires you to simply side load the image onto the root folder and install it accordingly. But we advise newbies from staying away as this might potentially brick your device if not done right.

Given that Google has already published OTA download links for the update, the OTA notification should hit your device anytime now. So download the update only if you’re impatient to wait for it to come directly from Google.

The update doesn’t change a whole lot in terms of the user interface, so don’t expect any major visual changes post the installation.

Nexus 9 (volantisg) LMY48I from LMY47X

Via: Android Police

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