Loozfon and Finfisher Malware Target Android Devices

Two new viruses are attacking Android-based mobile devices according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). One, called Loozfon, steals information. One of its versions entices people with a work-at-home opportunity that pays in exchange for sending e-mail. It has an advertisement that takes users to a website that brings the malware onto one’s mobile device. Then, it copies the user’s contact details as well as those in the mobile device’s address book.


Another malware is called Finfisher. Finfisher is spyware that remotely controls the infected mobile device. It may be acquired by opening a text message posing as a system update or clicking a particular link.

The Internet Crime Complaint Center, however, notes that there are ways to keep one safe from these malware attacks.

Primarily, people should know the features of the mobile device that they own. In case some of the phone’s features are not needed at the moment, these should be turned off.

When downloading apps, users should also check its developer. Reviews of developers are often available online. These tell users whether or not the developer may be trusted, or if they have published apps in the past that were discovered to have malware.

It is also crucial to check the permissions that an app is asking for when downloading. In particular, apps that ask for one’s geo-location should be examined, as these apps track where the mobile device owner is. Such information may be used in robberies, burglaries, or stalking.

Passcode-protecting and enabling the screen lock feature are likewise advisable. Furthermore, acquiring malware protection such as antivirus appls may also be a defense against malicious apps.

Mobile device users should furthermore avoid connecting to wireless networks that they are unfamiliar with. Such wireless networks may get information transmitted from one’s device to a server.

When selling or trading in a device, IC3 recommends resetting the device to factory default to ensure that no personal information that may be left on the phone may be used by other people.

It is important, as well, to avoid clicking on links or downloading from websites that are unknown.

via wxyz