LookOut Mobile Security Releases CarrierIQ Detector In The Android Market

It seems that everyone is chiming in on the CarrierIQ story that was original broken by Russell Holly after talking with the Android security specialist, Trevor Eckhart.¬† The story has spread like wild fire and it’s a hot button topic. Even iPhone Fanboys have found that CarrierIQ’s tracking software was on their phones as well.

Well leave it to the great folks at Lookout Mobile Security. They really care about the Android community, that’s why through their Lookout Labs they’ve released a CarrierIQ detector to the Android Market.

There are several ways to tell if you have CarrierIQ on your device, like going through your apps in settings but this detector makes it simple for just about anyone.

Lookout warns that this app does not remove CarrierIQ because it’s so deeply integrated into the phone but knowing is half the battle right?

Here is the market link

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