LookOut Mobile Security Now Supports Honeycomb

The pioneer in Android mobile security, LookOut Mobile, today announced that they now support Android Honeycomb tablets as well as Ice Cream Sandwich devices.

LookOut has been a trusted name in Android security since 2009. Today they protect over 12 million users from malware, spyware, unsafe websites and other security threats.   In addition Lookout Mobile provides a find my phone function that has been instrumental in not only finding phones but stolen cars, lost kids and more.

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LookOut now brings their mobile security to Android tablets. Lookout allows you to secure and monitor the security of multiple devices including Android phones and Android tablets along with iPhones, and iPods.

“Mobile devices are now the dominant computing platform in the world,” said Kevin Mahaffey, co-founder and CTO of Lookout. “As people opt to use smartphones and tablets instead of PCs, they want peace of mind—and Lookout gives it to them.”

Lookout has also upgraded their premium service to cover Android tablets as well. LookOut premium is available for $2.99/mo or $29.99 per year.  Lookout premium adds more comprehensive security as well as privacy protection and can be purchased directly from lookout at mylookout.com/premium